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Halo Custom Edition Tutorials

Map Making

Weapon Making

Vehicle Making

Biped (Human/Covenant/Flood) Making

Animation Making

Advanced Scripting

Miscellaneous/Viewer’s Choice

Map Making


Lesson 0: The tools required

Lesson 1: Your First Map (Part 1 | Part 2)

Lesson 2: Textures and Shaders

Lesson 3: Indoor and More Complex Maps

Lesson 4: Intro to Scenery and Sound Scenery

Lesson 5: Setup for Objective Gametypes


Lesson 0: A newer set of tools

Lesson 1: More Complex Maps – Manipulating Geometry

Lesson 2: Complex Textures – Reflection and Bump Maps

Lesson 3: Intro to AI and Cutscenes – Bipeds versus Squads

Lesson 4: Scenery and Sound -Breath Life Into Your Level

Lesson 5: Intro to Scripting and Devices – Press “E” for Epic


Lesson 0: Workspace Tricks and Solving Common Errors

Lesson 1: Most Complex Maps – Make a Map Out of Anything!

Lesson 2: Skirmishes – Dealing With Enemy AI Without Scripts

Lesson 3: Full-scale War – Dealing With Enemy AI With Scripts

Lesson 4: Advanced Lighting – Dynamic vs. Static

Lesson 5: Putting It All Together – A Truly Custom Map

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